Thomas’ Bar Mitzvah

ONE YEAR in the making and the vision for Thomas’ Bar Mitzvah was brought to life with a big celebration shared with friends and family.

Thomas’ name was magnificently suspended (kudos to The Style Co team!!) over the open kitchen and drinks bar, overlooking the excitement below were bartenders and chefs were busy preparing for a traditional and authentic culinary experience.

Tables were filled with Italian breads and olives, fresh figs, rosemary grissini and burrata with tomato. The menu took inspiration from various regions in Italy and was also inspired by Melbourne’s fun and popular shared dining scene. Entrée and main course presented an abundance of shared salads, Italian cheeses, antipasto, seasoned yellowfin tuna, roasted barramundi and grilled eye fillet. Meanwhile, Thomas and his friends were treated to a burger bar, featuring a range of sliders and hot chips (and we might have seen some of the adults getting amongst the burger bar too!)

To finish guests were treated to a delectable array of desserts, including the refreshing raw berries and poached rhubarb bowl dish and crowd favourite; bitter chocolate mousse with cocoa nibs and a chocolate soil served in a waffle cone.

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Venue | Private residence

Menu & Drink concept | food&desire.

Styling and Event Management | The Style Co

Photographer | Sayher Heffernan