AIME 25th Welcome Reception

Carousel was the scenic setting for fifteen hundred (yep! one-five-zero-zero) industry decision makers from around the world to meet and celebrate twenty-five years of AIME.

The event drew inspiration from AIME’s signature violet branding – airy balloon installation bursting with vibrant hues and climbing the main entrance, AIME branded boats swirling through the lake… all while guests were toasting to new found company with an array of locally sourced wines and craft beers on the decks open bar.

Our brief was to bring the delights of Melbourne’s amazing food scene, combining it with a refined selection of roaming canapés and an array of food stations, inviting guests to explore through the venue.

A crowd favourite featured a crispy potato, sweet corn croquette with smoked paprika and punchy chipotle salsa. Another was the bang bang chicken, which literally went with a “BANG” and added to the relaxed culinary street vibes. And for those that couldn’t take the heat… there was seasoned fresh tuna on a base of miso Kewpie and a wasabi-sesame dressing – for a more subtle kick.

While indulging, guests were entertained with live artwork by David Bromley, contemporary dance performers, ultra smooth vocals from Le Soul and whimsical harp melodies on the venues’ rooftop (amazingly staged by Solution Entertainment).

It was no surprise that the nights success was attributed to capturing the essence of what AIME is all about…


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Venue | Carousel

Menu & Drink concept | food&desire.

Event Management & Entertainment | Solution Entertainment

Styling | Where the Grass is Green

Photographer | Sayher Heffernan

Videography | C2 Films

Balloon Installation | Belle Balloons

AV | Harry the Hirer