Half Acre, South Melbourne

Wow… over a year of hard work by all our designers, builders and party planners made Half Acre’s first event last Saturday night one not to be forgotten!

With our builders on site till the eleventh hour, Munro Street mill was transformed and ready to be decked out with flowers, towers and a touch of decadence for the first time ever. The mill’s exposed brick walls and soaring timber ceilings were the perfect backdrop for chinking glasses and roaming canapés (blinis, anyone?) as we helped our couple celebrate their engagement with cocktails and 400 of their family and friends. (Some of our builders even stuck around to make sure everything went to plan!)

The guests flowed in through the freshly spruced up courtyard from 7pm, and Veuve Clicqout flowed into champagne flutes. All our hard work paid off, and our new space finally came into its own, brimming with floral displays bursting with colour, with curated lighting and sound to bolster the celebratory mood. There was a truffle-laden chocolate and whisky table, a spectacular display of caviar and vodka set in ice on crystal, and later in the evening… our chefs showed off their skills creating delectable deconstructed pavlovas on the spot.

Cheers to the happy couple – we are so happy to have celebrated at Half Acre with you – and to many more unforgettable parties to come!

Shout outs!

Floral | The Style Co

Lighting and Sound | Harry The Hirer

Furniture | Dann Event Hire

Photography by Sayher Heffernan


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